The George Enescu International Festival

Bucharest - Romania

Titlu / Title Motto Secţiune / Section
4 Movements for large Orchestra (2014) RW1813GV1813 Simfonic / Symphonic
Burnt Norton BRNRT14 Simfonic / Symphonic
Concerto for Flute and Orchestra For Sale: One Medium Sized Parachute Simfonic / Symphonic
Ex Cineribus Resurgam Ex Cineribus Resurgam Simfonic / Symphonic
Fire Sermon for orchestra Isis and Osiris Simfonic / Symphonic
From the South Bank Festina Lente Simfonic / Symphonic
Galateea 7426 Simfonic / Symphonic
gefaltet… fur Orchester (2014) Poppit Simfonic / Symphonic
K1Q52 K1Q52 Simfonic / Symphonic
"Little Symphony" (C minor) for symphony orchestra DTSD Simfonic / Symphonic
loop-fantasy for orchestra NICO Simfonic / Symphonic
Luna - Dance Suite for Orchestra MOON Simfonic / Symphonic
Miracle for symphonic orchestra Lacrimae Simfonic / Symphonic
Neige Bayous Simfonic / Symphonic
Phosphagos for orchestra Even death can be made mute Simfonic / Symphonic
Senzala no. 1 (Preludio and Toccata) Tropical Fire Simfonic / Symphonic
Shelaat Noxi for Small Orchestra M* GAUCHE < Simfonic / Symphonic
Soliton pour orchestre de chambre et electronique Soliton Simfonic / Symphonic
Symphonic Traits on Episodes of Drama for large orchestra "passive entertainment is hazardous" Simfonic / Symphonic
Symphony no. 1 - "Pancha Mahabhuta" Pancha Mahabhuta Simfonic / Symphonic
Tektonum Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction Simfonic / Symphonic
The Color of Moonbow (2011 - 2014) RERA Simfonic / Symphonic
The Edge of dream Dream, the house of people's soul… Simfonic / Symphonic
Une Oeuvre pour l'Echo des Reves (IV) pour orchestre 805566 Simfonic / Symphonic
Zero-Tremila: Paesaggi d'Italia Punctum contra punctum Simfonic / Symphonic
0.0001100001 scherbern for 6 players winterklavier Cameral / Chamber music
A trio for Violin, Cello and Piano 7426 Cameral / Chamber music
Bird Like - for 2 B flat Clarinets Bird-Like Cameral / Chamber music
De Duendes, Valles y Duraznos pour Flute, Percussion, Violon, Violoncelle et Contrebasse Leinad Allen Cameral / Chamber music
Death and Tenderness for Ten Players Love coca cola Cameral / Chamber music
Dialogue Musique pour violon et piano Dialogue Cameral / Chamber music
El Niño "El Nino has taught two lessons that will endure…." Cameral / Chamber music
Everything is music Everything is music Cameral / Chamber music
Hinterland Hinterland Cameral / Chamber music
Isolement Isolement Cameral / Chamber music
Jeu: Stille Kost. Caprice II WALA Cameral / Chamber music
Koexistenz III fur Klaviertrio YB0515 Cameral / Chamber music
love-songs for piano trio (violin, cello and piano) JK Cameral / Chamber music
Mysterious Stone for Small Ensemble HMP1011 Cameral / Chamber music
Noir for ensemble unimusique Cameral / Chamber music
Prismatic Spectrum Tak Cameral / Chamber music
Suita pentru o balerina Dansul notelor fermecate Cameral / Chamber music
Suite for String Quartet DTSD Cameral / Chamber music
Time-luminous for ensemble CELESTIAL Cameral / Chamber music
Trio for Mond (2013) for Clarinet, Violin and Cello DMD191112 Cameral / Chamber music
Cornel Țăranu (Preşedintele juriului) România
Dan Dediu România
Adrian Iorgulescu România
Zygmunt Krauze Polonia
Hubert Stuppner Italia

Symphonic: SEBASTIAN ANDRONE - title: Tektonum / motto: Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction

Chamber music: ALEXANDRU ȘTEFAN MURARIU - title: El Niño / motto:  "El Nino has taught two lessons that will endure…."