The first Romanian composer whose music belongs to the universal cultural heritage

A genius. A free man. A genuine modern spirit, not only for fashion's sake. A man of his word. A character. George Enescu, the first Romanian composer who crossed the threshold into the universal cultural heritage, loved equally the cockcrow, the folkloric tones and the thrilling Wagnerian chords. Furthermore, he merged them inimitably and miraculously in his creation, making possible this way not only his ascend from national to universal, but also his worldwide recognition amongst the greatest composers in the world.

What makes George Enescu a pioneer is precisely the fact that he is the first Romanian composer who transcended the national cultural heritage by reinterpreting Romanian traditional cultural elements, entwined with the finest influences of the international music, in a distinctive and matchless way.

“A general characteristic of our [Romanian] national music is the ubiquitous sadness, present even in happiness. This dor [painful longing, nostalgia] is indefinite yet deeply moving. But to me this music is, above all, a music of reverie - a music prone to the minor mode, the color of nostalgic dreaming”, thought George Enescu.

The creator of an unique body of work which embodies his life goal

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A generous man, a pure character, a model

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