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Bucureştiul creativ

What is Creative Bucharest

The magic of the Enescu Festival is getting beyond the concert halls, and enveloping Bucharest so that between the 1st and the 28th of September, the city becomes “Creative Bucharest”, a magical space of creativity, value, music and plastic arts, open to everyone.
Creative Bucharest is different from the daily urban space: the key locations in Bucharest will be reinvented through urban art and visual elements and will come to life with the participation of people who love arts, either from Romania or abroad, in public or digital spaces.

Here you can find Creative Bucharest Map where you can see all the urban art projects and all the information points about “George Enescu” Festival.

Here you can find the call for Urban Art Projects for Reinventing Bucharest and here the description of the concept.

Creative Bucharest is a public statement of those who are saturated with gray nuances and aggressive tones in the public space and those who take responsibility towards generating a change in society through the creative act.

Creative Bucharest is going to carry the mark and the spirit of Enescu, reinterpretation through visual identity, through creation in plastic forms and through promotion of the values the Maestro believed in. “One does not become old because one lived a number of years, but because one deserted one’s ideal. The years wrinkle the skin but abandoning the ideal wrinkles the soul”, said George Enescu.

The Festival’s Garden - The green spaces surrounding the main concert halls - the Romanian Athenaeum and the Palace Hall - are going to be enhanced so that you may take a walk in the “Festival’s Garden”. Here are exhibited artworks of young artists, selected during the Enescu Biennale.

  • Festival’s Square – hosts outdoor concerts, musical events, exhibitions
  • The Festival’s City is the place where are gathered all Creative Bucharest’s projects, urban art objects and cultural events.
  • Festival’s Broadcasts – live in the cinema halls of Digiplex Grand Cinema